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Crystal ball terraria | without a crystal ball | 247 crystal ball

Crystal Ball on Stand 40mm. Our Crystal Balls are an Ancient Wisdom Dropshipping branded product, so you can be sure of quality and value.

Crystal Balls are tricky things to make and are made from high-quality optical glass. Because the ball must be flawless many have to be discarded after production. The larger the ball the more likely a flaw can develop, hence the larger sizes are disproportionately more expensive.

Crystal ball terraria

Good foam is filled in a protective box to minimize the chance of damage.

The crystal balls are supplied with a crystal stand,  you can also display them on a LED light box for a bit more drama.

We do not need to see into the future to know you will be adding them to your shopping cart. ?

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Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 4003415.2 cm
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