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Red candle | Burgundy Candle

We try to make it using a mix ratio of 80% beeswax and 20% soy wax.

The additional reason is that, while you ensure the candle burns well, adding soy wax mixture gives the candle a creamy and buttery finish/texture that helps enhance the beautiful pastel shade aesthetic and makes it a lot of fun to burn and a long time to burn. will take.

These are carefully moulded by us in our studio and Your company. These candles are truly adorable and sure to play an important role in bringing a beautiful eye-catching and unique ‘twist’ to any home or important space!

Red candle These candles are beautifully handcrafted and 100% natural.
Each of our candles has a burn time of approximately 4-5 hours
Size details: Height: 19 cm | Width: 2 cm and can be in small or large sizes.

Health warnings and awareness! To prevent fire and serious injury, keep the candle lit between your children and your vision.

Keep away from drafts and any form of vibration. Keep out of reach of your children and pets. Be sure to keep it a little higher.

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