Red rug | round red rug | red rug living room | 150 x 90cm Luxury Rag Rug – Red



round red rug | red rug living room

150 x 90cm Luxury Rag Rug – Red

With a natural Rug and organic feel, the rug is made perfectly using unbleached wool. Choose from versatile sizes from small to large to find the perfect fit for your home Decoration. Carpets are used for various purposes such as playing with children or as prayer rugs, especially in apartment buildings, adding decoration or colour to a room, dining room, bathroom, entryway use ect.

It is Introduce romantic appeal to your home. This rug portrays a soft, luxurious texture, with a contemporary abstract pattern that has a classy shade appeal. Suitable for use on all surface types including radiant heat floors. Multicoloured lines and symbols will create modern art for your floor.

Living room rug, This gorgeously stunning rug features an equally alluring striped design in pink, green, brown, blue colour palette that gives your room a modern appeal.

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